Discussion Questions

What are the advantages or effects of using Rine as a first person narrator?

Discuss O’Connor’s use of color and symbolism and how it relates to the story.

What role does religion and faith play in this story?

Do you think Rine changes throughout the story or is she still the same at the end? Can people really change?

How would you compare Rine’s relationships with men?

Discuss the title of the book. What did the author mean to convey with this title?

Was Buick really in love with Rine, or was that simply something he claimed?

Discuss the many references to perfume.

What is the effect of gradually revealing Rine’s past and how does this relate to the overall ideas of the book? What about Nick’s profession?

Do you think it strange that everyone seemed to know what Nick did for a living except for Rine?

What function, if any, do Satan and the Ugh girls serve?

Discuss the ambiguity of the ending.

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